‘♪ Getting to know you… ♪’

Continuing the series about getting to know our lovely colleagues, next up is Eleanor, Frontline Library Assistant.

If you’d like to submit your answers to the Q+A, fill out the template and send it to library.innovation@sussex.ac.uk, or get in touch with the Blog admins – Lizzy & Sam…


We’d like to include a brief biography before the Q+A.  To help with this, could you tell us, in a couple of sentences, where you’re from, where you live now, and a little bit about your working life so far…

I was born in Birmingham and grew up in Brighton on the wrong side of Ditchling Road. I’ve spent most of my adult life so far living in Glasgow and Brixton, which are both renowned for their gang culture. I moved back to Brighton two years ago so if anyone fancies starting a gang do pop down to the FLS office and we’ll talk.

I’ve had all sorts of jobs including working in security (I’m a qualified CCTV operator), at a riding stables and in the archives at the Imperial War Museum.

What’s your favourite part of the library?

I’m rather fond of my desk, with its view of the ever-growing rabbit population and the Gardner Arts Centre. I’m that annoying person who refuses to call it the ACCA.

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