Padlet Backpack for staff and students

Users of Padlet will be aware that the popular tool underwent some changes in April which introduced limits on a free account. As many University of Sussex staff use Padlet in their teaching, we have purchased a Backpack licence for the 18/19 academic year that will allow staff and students at Sussex to:

  • Create unlimited Padlets
  • Upload files up to 250MB (10 times more than with a free Padlet account)
  • Avoid Ads.

How can I join the Sussex Padlet Backpack account?

Staff and students wishing to create their own Padlets using the Sussex Padlet Backpack account by emailing giving their name and Sussex email address. You can use this short Padlet Backpack Guide to get started and import any Padlets you have in a free account. Once you are signed up to the Sussex account you can access it at

How might I use Padlet?

There are many different ways of using Padlet for teaching and learning. This post and the Guide outline 3 popular use cases and how to get started with them in the Sussex Padlet Backpack account. If you want to use Padlet in a different way or would like to discuss ideas for using Padlet in your teaching, please contact Technology Enhanced Learning at

Scenario 1: A class Padlet that anyone with a link can use

You could use a Padlet for a seminar group or lab class to share materials. In the example below, students have posted their presentation slides. The tutor has chosen to allow commenting and ‘liking’ but these are optional features.

Example Padlet 1

You could also use this type of Padlet to share ideas and/or ask questions.

How to get started with a shared Padlet

  1.    The tutor needs to be added as a ‘teacher’ on the Sussex Backpack account (please email to request this).
  2.    They can then create a Padlet and set the sharing option to Secret.
  3.    The tutor can set the permission to read and/or write for ‘Those with access’.
  4.    They can share the Padlet as a URL or embedd it in Canvas. Anyone with the link or access to the Canvas site can use it.
  5.    A student’s posts will be anonymous, unless they are logged in to a Padlet account.

Scenario 2 – A Padlet for individual use

Staff and students can use the Padlet Backpack to create Padlets for their individual use. For example, a Padlet can be useful for gathering resources, organising tasks etc. These Padlets can be kept private or shared when required.

Example Padlet 2

How to get started with a personal Padlet.

  1. The student or staff member needs to be added to the Sussex Backpack account (please email to request this).
  2. The user can then start creating Padlets.
  3. Under the Share settings, users can set a Padlet to Private. You can change this later if you want to share it with others.

Scenario 3 – A Padlet with defined contributors.

Shared Padlets and anonymous posting have their advantages, but sometimes you may want to restrict access to some named individuals, for example if you want a separate Padlet for each seminar group.

If you want to use Padlet in this way, students will need to have their own Sussex Backpack accounts and be added as ‘contributors’ on a private Padlet. Technology Enhanced Learning are happy to set up that sort of Padlet for you. Please contact

Embed your Padlet in Canvas

To let students see and interact with a Padlet, tutors can embed it in a Page in Canvas.

  1. Go to your Padlet and click Share at the top right.
  2. Choose the SHARE/EXPORT/EMBED tab.
  3. Select Embed in your blog or your website.
  4. Copy the code which is displayed.
  5. Go to your Canvas module and select a Page where you want to embed your Padlet (or create a new Page). Click on Edit, then HTML Editor.
  6. Paste in the code you have copied from Padlet and click Save.
  7. When users embed a Private Padlet, only users who have been added as Contributors will be able to see it.
Padlet embedded in Canvas

Padlet embedded in Canvas

Anyone with access to the Canvas module and permission to write on the Padlet will be able to do so from within Canvas.

Contact Technology Enhanced Learning for help getting started

If you would like to get started with a Sussex Padlet Backpack account, or would like to discuss how you might use Padlet for teaching and/or learning please email


Canvas Training

Places are filling up fast on our Canvas Fundamentals training workshops. We strongly encourage all Sussex academic staff to sign up for a place. Attending the workshop will familiarise you with Canvas and your options for teaching with the new VLE.

Professional Services staff are also welcome to book a place on this workshop.

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