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We are interested in hearing more from you – what ideas do you have for psychosis research?

What kind of research would you like to see being done?

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  1. Louise says:

    Hello I can’t see how to join the forum I’d like to offer three ideas for research, I am a voice hearer.

    1] Auditory, visual and tactile differences in perception; the qualitative differences between the experience of hearing, seeing and feeling voices from service users experience. Also to contrast these experiences across the diagnostic spectrum to compare whether there are any real differences in these experiences whether the diagnosis is psychosis, mood disorder, depression, personality disorder or PTSD.

    2] Hearing voices and self-harm; exploring service users own understanding of their self-harm in relation to auditory/visual/tactile voices. Does self-harm occur only as a result of command voices? Do voice hearers experience a direct relationship between their voices and self-harm?
    Can self-harm help manage voices making the experience more bearable?
    Further to look at why self-harm and hearing voices has not been researched given many hearing voices groups have members with experience of self-harm in relation to voice hearing.

    3] Working within another person’s belief system; How mental health professionals communicate with people who hear voices and/or experience unusual beliefs. Working within a person’s belief system is one of the hardest challenges for mental health professionals, are they up to the challenge and how do we facilitate this through education and clinical practice?

    best wishes
    Louise Pembroke

  2. Clio Berry says:

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks for these comments, your ideas sound really interesting.

    Regarding your third idea, about working with other peoples’ belief systems; there was a SPRiG seminar on something very similar about a year ago. The slides are available on our website, please take a look if your interested using this link:

    Other previous seminar slides are also available for you to look at if you are interested:

    If you are not on the SPRiG mailing list and would like to be, so you are informed of our future seminars and other events, please send an email to

    There are further opportunities for you to get involved with research if you would be interested in this too. Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has a Lived Experience Advisory Forum, where people with lived experience of mental health problems are consulted about new research projects. Please see the following webpage for more information:

    Best wishes,


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