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This is a platform where Sussex law students can post articles about current events occurring in the world around us. Provided that there is evidence to support your claim or back up your opinion. Your journal article can range from a simple opinion piece to a critique of an existing law or large debate that is occurring.

The aim of the journal is for students to have a platform where legal issues can be written about and discussed with a high level of liberty. Along with the ability to write about any topic, the writer has the discretion to choose if they would like to have pictures posted on it. Uploading copyright free images along with the article is highly encouraged as it naturally increases the number of students who would view it. Not only should this platform be seen as somewhere to write about legal issues, it can be a highly advantageous to those who want to read about others perspectives on interesting pieces of law.

There is a high level of freedom and flexibility given to the writer in a range of topics. There is no topic that we turn away, as long as it is law related. We will work with you to find the best category for your article. If you find that a category does not exist for your work, simply raise the issue above your submitted work and we will get in contact with you to fix it.


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