Join the Dhaba Square Choir!

We are the University of Sussex’s very own community choir. Join us to sing in harmony together, over your lunch hour, for one hour once a fortnight.

All are welcome: students, faculty, and staff.
No singing experience necessary!
Drop-in format – you don’t need to have attended previous rehearsals.
Free of charge and physically accessible.

The Dhaba Square choir is led by dynamic and inspiring choir leader Sophia Efthimiou, who runs several community choirs throughout the South East:

Newcomer Testimonials:

“It was remarkable how a room full of people who had never sung together before could be singing beautiful harmonies within 10 minutes of being taught a song. Sophia was so easy to sing for and she made me feel like I’d been singing with a choir for years.”
Adam, University Library

“Thank you for the most enjoyable introduction to the choir. Sophia is uplifting, fun and inspiring. I was encouraged by her passion and choice of beautiful South African melodies. I was reluctant coming to sing but left with exciting musical experience.”
Ariana, Professional Services

Spring Term Choir Sessions

PLEASE NOTE: All remaining choir sessions are cancelled due to COVID-19.


Testimonials for Dhaba Square Choir

Singing with Sophia is something that keeps me going, through the deadlines and stress and business. But more than that, each time we finish singing together I feel wonderfully calm and joyous. It sounds cliche, but I’m just so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time sharing my voice with other people, it’s the best feeling!
– Bibi, Student, School of Global Studies

Singing every fortnight at lunchtime with colleagues and students under Sophia’s inspiring direction is a bonding experience of sheer joy.
– Maria, Faculty, School of English

The Dhaba Square choir is excellent and Sophia is an amazing leader. We are so lucky to have her at Sussex. The choir is fantastic for staff and student well being, it is a little oasis of calm and creativity in a busy working week. I consider it an essential part of my self care regime.
– Sarah, Professional Services, School of Media, Film, and Music

Sophia is a fantastic teacher, her enthusiasm and love of music is infectious, and it’s incredible what we are able to accomplish in our one hour session with her. As well as being fun it’s a brilliant way of relieving stress and taking a break from work.
– Emma, Professional Services, School of English

I love Dhaba Square choir. I’ve always wanted to join a choir but have never been able to commit to a regular evening. Being able to take an hour out once a fortnight in the middle of the day and to sing with people from different disciplines and different parts of the university is a huge bonus. I feel as though we’re a community, even though we don’t actually talk, because we sing together. The act of singing is really restorative. I can feel my stress levels going down and Sophia is an inspiring teacher.
– Wendy, Faculty, School of History, Art History, and Philosophy