These digitised resources are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence. This means that you may download and re-use the resources for non-commercial purposes but you must credit the author and make available any re-purposed versions  under the same Creative Commons licence terms.

For example if you use responses from the Mass Observation correspondents, please accredit the Mass Observation Archive. Any use of the Ephemera items should be accredited to Special Collections at the University of Sussex Library. Use or repurposing of the Open Educational Resource should be accredited to the University of Sussex.

British Library interviews must be accredited to the British Library Sound Archive.

A note about permissions

The Mass Observation correspondents whose work is available through the Observing the 1980s project were all contacted individually and granted permission for their writing to be digitised and accessed online.

Where possible original authors, publishers or copyright holders of the Ephemera documents were contacted and their permission sought to make the material available.   In a few cases it was not possible to identify authors, or we were unable to make contact with them.  If you are one of those authors or copyright holders and wish to get in touch with us, please contact

Similarly, the British Library Sound Archive sought permission from those interviewees whom they could contact, but not everyone could be traced.  If you are one of those interviewees and wish to get in touch with us, please contact