URIs. A decision

The project team at Sussex (Jane Harvell, Fiona Courage, Chris Keene and myself) met for an hour yesterday to decide about the URI stem for our data.

We took 20 minutes. Did we make a hasty decision? No. Did we make a considered, long term, looking to the future sort of decision? Yes. The combined expertise round the table was very useful; Jane is very library and looks to the digital future, Fiona is very involved with the Keep and our identity when we are there, Chris knows about servers and how that bit works. We considered the comments from Rob Styles and the advice from Pete Johnston at Eduserv and we decided on;


We wanted something that could work with other archive collections (if we decide to make them into linked data) so a Mass Observation or Massobs stem was too exclusive. We also wanted to avoid creating lots and lots of URIs for the same thing in the future so a generic stem seemed the way to go.

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