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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 9

By Tom Hampshire 31 August – 4 September 2018 Team building and understanding contextual cultural values (Friday 31 August – Sunday 2 September: Langkawi Trip): Nine members of the student intern team made use of Malaysia’s Independence Day celebrations by embarking on

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 8

By Xiao Hui Chu Our third week challenge after a long weekend was to learn the key aspects of business to customer sales. Our sales journey kick started with Jon, sales team executive introduced us the basic sales knowledge such as

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Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 7

By Dina Possamai During our third week, we got a chance to visit Penang, an island in the northwest of the country. The main aim of this trip was to understand the importance of quality testing of TIME; global connectivity

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