Course Data project

A JISC funded project aimed at improving course-related data at Sussex University

1. Course Data stage 2 – Project Update



Hi …  I’m Jane Major, project managing the  Course Data Stage 2 work.  I’ve worked as a PM for about 6 years at Sussex and this is my first JISC project.  So … some retrospective blogging.  Having taking on the project at the 2nd stage, it was a matter of catching up on what it was all about and deciding what approach to take.  This was discussed at our first Project meeting for Course Data Stage 2 in July 2012.

There’s a programme of work to be managed, ensuring the lifecycle of courses from initial set up to approval and marketing are streamlined.  This is being achieved through various packages; Course Data Synchronisation, Policy and Procedures,  KIS … and of course, Project Management.

Whilst I’ll project manage XCRI-CAP directly, I’ll be taking an overview on the remaining key deliverables.

Course Data Synchronisation was delivered shortly after I started in June.  The Course and Module Design tool had been developed, the data was synchronised and fed through into the Student Records System.

From a purely project management perspective, I started by producing a product breakdown structure for XCRI-CAP, which helped to get a feel of what was involved, followed by the activity diagram and Gantt chart.

Aside from the technological requirements and development, the first major decision was what data we should include in the feed.  We used the Data Definitions Summary  document to engage with stakeholders.  It was agreed that we would initially focus on the minimum ( mandatory and preferred data) for the time being and decide on the optional fields – depending on what we find as we dig down!

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