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Volunteering as a way to support belonging and wellbeing in the lives of refugee youth

“Establishing a sense of belonging in early resettlement is foundational for wellbeing among refugee youth…” (Correa-Velez et al., 2010) My research focused on the idea of belonging with the understanding that a sense of belonging is something almost all people

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Difference and encounter among young migrants and their peers in British secondary schools

Social connectedness and emotional wellbeing are intrinsically linked. On this basis, projects and programmes working with young migrants and refugees often aim to encourage their ‘integration’ through the provision of psychosocial support (PSS). The Horizon 2020 ‘RefugeesWellSchool’ (RWS) project implements

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Art and wellbeing

What the voices and experiences of children and young people living in conflict contexts, can tell us about the role of extracurricular art activities in promoting wellbeing My research study on the experiences of Arab/Palestinian minority children and young people

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