About CIRW

Wellbeing is an emergent inter-disciplinary and inter-professional field of interest for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners. We bring together scholarship and expertise to facilitate research in wellbeing, with special interests including migration, nature and spirituality.

We create a space for dialogue, collaboration, creativity and capacity-building – supporting new research and knowledge exchange. CIRW provides a stimulating environment for doctoral students working in the area of wellbeing and a destination for visiting academics and opinion formers.

We are outward-looking, committed to working with policy-makers, professional colleagues and the public in order to share expertise, promote good practice and to exchange knowledge.

CIRW nurtures synergies between research activity and the teaching curriculum through the Wellbeing Pathway and the Wellbeing PhD.

The work of the Centre is constellated around three thematic clusters on: migration and wellbeing; spirituality and wellbeing and nature and wellbeing.