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Easy-to-use integration of a library reading list system into Moodle

The library uses a system which allows tutors to create lists of reading resources which simultaneously inform the students what they should be reading and the library of what books and articles they need to purchase. The system is called Talis Aspire and is a market leader in UK University libraries. The system allows flexibility in the tutors’ organisation of the lists. For example they can categorise readings as weeks, topics, core, and/or further reading.

The problem with the system is that the lists do not exist where students expect to find them, or where tutors regularly visit when thinking about their teaching. We therefore wanted to integrate the system with our Moodle install and came up with a smart solution.

We added an easy-to-use reading list mod to the Moodle resource options. If a tutor chose to add a reading list it would map to reading lists for that course in Aspire. It would not just be a link to the list either – it would be the entire thing nested within the Moodle course page. Furthermore sections of the reading list can be specified and dropped into Moodle sections as appropriate.

The reading list is displayed to the student in an accordion which opens when clicked on.

reading list dropdown


The following video explains the process of adding a reading list to a Moodle course.




As always we welcome any comments on this development.