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The assessment challenge – an end-to-end solution

As some of my last posts have documented, Sussex University has been engaging in the provision of an end-to-end solution for online assessments. Our solution uses Turnitin and GradeMark as the technical infrastructure to support the project. We have presented the project at the Dublin Moodlemoot conference and the Assessment in Higher Education conference and have a poster describing it.


All first year undergraduate modules with text based assignments are now using this system which runs through our learning management system (LMS). Next year all first and second years will be submitting online and the following year all undergraduates will submit online.

For students we have created a one stop shop.

For staff we have employed technology which adheres to write once, read anywhere philosophy.

Our technical development put the user experience at the top of the design considerations. Students submit through our LMS where they also see Turnitin similarity reports and pick up grades and feedback.

Staff find their students submissions and the Turnitin similarity reports in the LMS. They link from these into Grademark where they grade and leave feedback for the students. They update the LMS and student records system (SRS) with their grades at the click of a button.

Final calculation and conflation of the marks is done through the SRS which holds all the business rules, but these marks accessible to students through the LMS interface.

The system we have produced is easy to use, robust and removes duplication of effort.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.