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posts about our evaluation & integration of moodle 2

Things we love about moodle2 pt2 – experimenting with themes

One of the changes in moodle2 has been in the implementation of themes. We already talked in a previous blogpost about the ability in moodle2 themes to include and exclude css & javascript from a themes parent. We appreciate this inheritance model which makes it simpler to have a base css, and vastly change the appearance of your whole site with […]

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Things we love about moodle2 pt1 – minify, gzip & exclude

In moodle 1.9 we spent a lot of time optimising the page load speeds and improving the quality of our code. Using tools including: Firebug for Firefox, Yahoo’s Yslow, Google’s Page Speed, allowed us to analyses what was slowing pages down, and how to improve this. 1. Minify and compress Moodle2 comes with built in minify and gzipping […]

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