Monday, July 16th, 2012

Mass Observation 75th Anniversary Conference

by Jill Kirby

What better place for some project publicity than the MO 75th anniversary conference last week?    Thanks to our banners and leaflets and the very marvellous project necklaces (modelled by Jessica above and in detail below!)  we garnered some really useful interest in the project.  Academics running courses at various UK and overseas institutions were interested in using the Observing the 1980s OER and raw materials, which was really encouraging.  What was even more encouraging was that they were from a range of disciplines including sociology, history and archival studies.  We ran a prize draw which means we’ve got a list of contacts to alert when the material goes live which will hopefully ensure use.

Also at the conference, Dr Lucy Robinson gave a paper talking about the project, the slides from which, you can see here.