Thursday, July 19th, 2012

New partnerships: SCARLET+

by Jane Harvell

Yesterday, 19th July we welcomed Laura Skilton, Matt Ramirez and Dr Guyda Armstrong from Mimas and the University of Manchester to the Library at Sussex. We ran a workshop that marked the start of our invovlement with the JISC-funded augmented reality SCARLET+ project – which is led by Mimas.  The aim is to embed the skills and knowledge learnt from the orginal SCARLET project into Special Collections at Sussex. With a  nice example of unforseen impact, we are going to be using some of the copyright cleared and digitised “Observing the 1980s” project material to do this.

The workshop involved a lot of people who already work with us on Observing the 1980s including Dr Lucy Robinson who, as usual, was very enthusiastic about getting her students engaged with this technology in their learning. Its also great to be able to take full advatage of the AR skills and experience of Stuart Lamour, our e-learning specialist here at Sussex.

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