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The Iranian diaspora’s role in the Woman, Life, Freedom movement

Author anonymous. In October last year, Berlin attracted international attention for a turnout of more than 80,000 Iranian people and allies showing solidarity with protesters in Iran. Capturing a feeling that resonates with myself and other members of the Iranian

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How time reveals hidden power in the refugee camp

Dr Melissa Gatter is Lecturer in International Development (University of Sussex) While a universal experience, the passing of time is not an equal one. For those whose mobility is policed, time becomes more immediately present, almost tangible, as they must

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LGBTQI+ immigrants’ experiences of in/exclusion in the UK

Dr Sarah Scuzzarello, Senior Lecturer in migration (SCMR and Dept of Geography, University of Sussex) and co-coordinator of GenSeM, Gender and Sexuality in Migration research at IMISCOE. With Golchehr Hamidi-Manesh, Research Assistant. To what degree do the experiences of migration

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Statelessness and belonging: The case of Saharawis in Spain

By Celia Garcia de Medina-Rosales, alumnus of the Migration Studies MA, University of Sussex (2021/22). Her dissertation was awarded 2022 JEMS Award for the best Migration Studies MA Statelessness, defined in international law as ‘not being considered a national by

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The politics of Syrian refugees’ economic impact

Claude Samaha is Lead Researcher at Basmeh & Zeitooneh and a member of the Protracted Displacement Economies (PDE) team.  Policymakers in Lebanon argue that displaced people, particularly Syrian refugees, are one of the causes of the country’s failing economy. Syrian refugees

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The UK’s hypocritical and heartless approach to displacement and migration

Sunit Bagree is Communications Manager for Protracted Displacement Economies (PDE), a project funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Global Challenges Research Fund (grant reference number ES/T004509/1). This is a joint PDE-Sussex Centre for Migration Research blog post. Referring

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