SR Concept Class

Class 2

Sussex Racing Class 2 consists of students in their 3rd year of study at the University of Sussex from a range of Engineering disciplines. They partake in the Static events which Class 1 also enter. This is in anticipation of entering a Class 1 vehicle the following year. They create a fictional Class 1 vehicle presenting Business, Cost and Design cases to a panel of judges. In 2016, Class 2 came 4th in the UK and 8th in the World, with the Top UK Business Presentation and in 2017 the team finished 11th in the UK and 16th Overall.

In 2020 we are aiming to incorportate Class 2 far more than ever, pushing for a top 10 position again at Silverstone and helping them to get a good starting them working together on their individual projects as a team. Having parts fit from the start of their 4th years to maximise the gain they can get next year!

Meet the Class 2 Team

Team Management

Managing the Class 2 team this year is Oliver Wilson (left) and Keith Summers (Right), with both having extensive hands on experience their aim to start working on SR21 while they’re still in their third year of uni.

Main Team

Compliance Officers

Within the team there are a number of Compliance Officers who are Year 2 students. They assist the team with checking work against the Rules and Regulations. You can get involved with this by visiting our ‘Get Involved‘ page.