Opportunities for Students

If you are a student at the University of Sussex there are several ways you can get involved with Mobil 1 Sussex Racing.

Engineering Student?

There are lots of opportunities from 1st to 4th year within the team. We recruit Compliance Officers who are critical to check that Mobil 1 Sussex Racing complies to the regulations set for the competition. However you are also an integral part of the team; marshalling test days and assisting with parts of the construction stages of the car in the Spring Term.

3rd Years are able to partake within Class 2 of Mobil 1 Sussex Racing under their ‘Individual Project’ module. More on Class 2 can be found here.  Applications for these open during Year 2 Spring Term. Class 2 members then continue on to join Class 1 in their 4th Year.

Product Design or Marketing Student?

We recruit Product Design and Marketing students to put together all our publications, from Sponsorship Brochures to Business Cards. Product Designers are also able to design our Pit Lane for when we are at Silverstone. This being our corporate image to the other 130 Universities. Keep an eye out for Mobil 1 Sussex Racing in the Autumn Term when we recruit people to fill these roles.

Business Student?

As well as the Engineering of the car, the competition also hosts a Business category. We are required to plan and present a Business Case alongside the car. If you have an interest in Motorsport this is ideal for you. Look out for Mobil 1 Sussex Racing members in the Autumn Term or get in touch now.