My study abroad experience

Arkansas, US

Arkansas, US

by Evelin Potocnik, University of Arkansas, US

Without the Erasmus grant I wouldn’t have even thought about going abroad to the USA because I knew that the costs are very high. I wanted the experience but I didn’t want to go into debt for going on a year abroad, and Erasmus grant helped me to do so. For me, the study abroad experience was invaluable, because I took it as a ‘new start’; as a chance to do the things that I may have regretted not doing during my first two years at university. It was also a chance to try new things that might not be available at my university.

The ability to choose any subject as long as it fit the difficulty and topic requirements for your course was one of the best aspects for me as I got a chance to experience very hands-on subjects and learn about business in a practical way, which I haven’t had a chance to do at University of Sussex. This really helped me to experience different aspects of business and to figure out what aspects I actually like and what I want to do.

Another factor that really helped me to grow and shape my wishes for my future career was getting involved in the Social Innovation Hub, which was just starting to launch at the time that I arrived at the University of Arkansas. This was perfect for me as I got to get involved with the Hub as an advisory board member and be one of the first students to experience it and share it with others. As a result I got involved with several non-profit organisations as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs, which really expanded my understanding of different business sectors and of potential careers that I could have in the future.

My year abroad will definitely help me with my dissertation, as well as being a fantastic reference for future job interviews, as I will be able to discuss real work experiences and not just academic achievements.

For more information on studying abroad as part of your degree, visit the Sussex Abroad website.

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  1. Kristina says:

    Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood but I didn’t think you could get the Erasmus grant if you were studying in the US? How did you manage it?

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