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Business School and Engineering students at the airport, ready for their trip to Malaysia.

Business School and Engineering students at the airport, ready for our trip to Malaysia.

By Olu Lawal
Wednesday 22 August 2018

It all started on Saturday 18 August at Heathrow Airport, when 12 of us headed to our internship at TIME dotcom Berhard, in Malaysia’s capital city: Kuala Lumpur. Our group is a mixture of Business School and Engineering students going into our final year of our undergraduate degrees at the University of Sussex.

Most of us did not even know each other before the internship and we all introduced ourselves to each other during the long flights to Doha (Qatar) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). This long journey was a great ice-breaker and gave us all the opportunity to get to know each other a bit.

When we finally arrived in Malaysia on Sunday 19 August, Mizi, our TIME coordinator, welcomed us at the airport and introduced us to the country. On the way to our accommodation, it was clear that, just like Mizi, Malaysia is vibrant and energetic. It reminded me of my hometown Lagos in Nigeria. We used that opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful streets of Kuala Lumpur.
The very next day we started the internship at 9am! Although we were not accustomed to the different time zone (+7 hours ahead of the UK), we were still excited to start work.

We were taken on a tour around the TIME building, with its multiple floors, check points, locked doors, rooms full of screens and some very friendly people. I really liked it. All of the employees, from random people in the corridor to the CEO, were very welcoming.

The office slide in the TIME building

The office slide in the TIME building

We spent the afternoon of our first day with the CEO of the company, Afzal Abdul Rahim, an alumni of the University of Sussex. He was very friendly and told us all about the broadband market in Malaysia, UK and globally. I learnt a lot of valuable things from him. The company, just like its CEO, is full of unexpected fun things, like the slide from the first floor to the entrance of the building that most of us take now rather than the stairs.

There is just one problem. So far I haven’t been able to find my favourite drink Fanta anywhere in the city. KL, if it wasn’t for this you would be perfect!

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