Student internship at TIME, KL: Blog 6

The interns working hard to complete their project

The interns working hard to complete their project

By Merin Jacob

Saturday 1 September 2018

It is nearing the end of our second week in KL. It is a long weekend this week because Friday 31st August is Malaysia’s Independence Day. This three-day weekend was highly needed after perhaps the most intense day we’ve had at TIME so far. The goal today was to finish the project we were assigned earlier this week with the Coverage department. This project focused on two cities: Penang and Kota Kemuning. The group working on Penang was almost done hence two people in this group remained to work out the finance case whilst the others joined the Kota Kemuning group to help complete it faster. Everybody was powering through the tasks, racing against the clock to finish. Despite the nerve-racking feeling that nearly consumed us the entire day, it truly was one of the realest experiences that depicted how fast paced and focused employees have to be when working in a business-like TIME; everyone was heads down working. There was no time to be wasted as ‘time is money’, a phrase that we have heard a lot this week.

After lunch delivered to the office so that we can save time and a large dose of caffeine, we were ready to go again. Although we worked hard to finish this project, we were unable to do so as we realised it was a failed business case. However, after a full day of working on our laptops, many of us are looking forward to the long weekend.

We are using the three days off as an opportunity to expand our sightseeing of this exotic country by visiting Langkawi islands, as we prepare for the next two continuous weeks of work. After the first few days of introduction, the internship is getting more and more challenging. Our schedule next week isn’t for the faint hearted. Although aspects of the internship have been challenging and very hands on within such a short time, I hope to make the most of this internship with TIME as I have acquired knowledge and experience that would be difficult to gain elsewhere.

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