Calling all undergraduate finalists: Log Spirit of Sussex Award points by 30 April

There are many ways to enrich your experience with us, and the Spirit of Sussex Award celebrates your extra-curricular and voluntary achievements – and it’s open to all undergraduate, Masters and research students. Undergraduate finalists have until 30 April 2021 for logging activities to count towards the award.

By taking part in different activities, such as part-time work or volunteering, you can gain points towards either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award, which will be presented at your Graduation ceremony. The award can help you feel involved with life at Sussex, make friends and build a wider network while you’re with us, and get a job after your studies by showcasing all your achievements to future employers.

We spoke to Verity Carter-Johnson, Human Resource Management MSc student and Business School Green Rep, about her sustainability work towards the Spirit of Sussex.

Verity Carter-Johnson, Human Resource Management MSc student and Business School Green Rep.

What extra-curricular activities are you doing to work towards the award?

As part of the Sustainability Committee, I have worked on several projects. A particularly successful venture was our campaign where we lobbied for the University to change banks to a more ethical and sustainable provider. We then created our own ethical banking policy for the University to use moving forward. 

I have held an open environmental discussion for my course and arranged a virtual green event to raise awareness. I also assisted in arranging Climate Justice Week and the associated events which include hosting the open Sustainability Committee for students to attend. I am currently working on a waste management recycling scheme for campus, to introduce more recycling bins and environmental connectors within campus accommodation. 

Other activities which have contributed towards my award include: badminton club, undertaking a diversity and inclusion training course, having a part-time job, voting in student referendums, and attending a careers session. 

What advice would you give to a student unsure of where to start with activities?

There are so many different activities which contribute towards your award, from voting in student referendums, to sports and volunteering. The best part is that you probably have already done activities that contribute to your award.

Going into such a tough job market, it’s a great way to stand out to employers. It’s also a good way to keep track of what you’ve been doing and the Sussex Award platform provides great ideas as to how you can get involved and collect points in other areas of student life. 

One of the first activities I logged was voting in the student referendum – this is a super easy way to get started. Part of a society? Have a part-time job? Volunteer? Attended a skills session? These are all simple ways you can contribute towards your award.

Describe your Sussex experience in three words.

Welcoming, inspiring and eco-friendly.

You can start logging points towards your award by logging into the Spirit of Sussex Award web platform using your Sussex details (you can also download the app for your phone).

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