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To fix procurement, the UK has to open it up

Following a recent National Audit Office report that revealed major weaknesses in governance and transparency for the UK government’s covid-19 procurement, Gavin Hayman, Executive Director of the Open Contracting Partnership and Liz David-Barrett, Director of the Centre for the Study

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We need to tackle conflicts of interest in UK local government planning

With the UK facing a shortage of housing and the government intending to overhaul the planning process, CSC Director Liz David-Barrett considers what corruption risks affect local government planning decisions. In 2013, I researched and wrote a report for Transparency

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The UK needs to get serious about debarring corrupt companies from public procurement

Currently there are few consequences for companies that subvert public procurement through corruption and fraud. And with government departments often highly dependent on a few large strategic suppliers, there are real risks of moral hazard, where suppliers behave badly because

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Corruption in government purchases during pandemic

In pandemics and other emergencies, public procurement is even more exposed to corruption risks than is normally the case. In this blog post, CSC PhD Researcher Irasema Guzmán explains the risks and discusses key cases of emergency healthcare procurement being

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Building public procurement integrity in Jamaica

Public procurement is one of the key ways of corruptly channelling money out of the state, not least because it is one of the few areas of public spending where there is significant discretion. In a well-functioning state, there are

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Strengthening electoral accountability is crucial in tackling corruption in the Western Balkans

In another take on flawed electoral accountability, Albana Shehaj (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University) argues that corrupt politicians are too easily able to use state resources to buy off voters. We should focus our

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