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Corruption, Sport and what we can learn from the Super League debacle

European Super League, we hardly knew ye! On Sunday 19th April 2021 12 of Europe’s ‘biggest’ football clubs announced their plans to break away from established European competition to form their own ‘Super League’. Little more than 48 hours later

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Why Newcastle United and anti-corruption in the UK have more in common than you ever realised

2020 is coming to an end. Brexit’s (apparently) been ‘done’. Covid 19 has certainly not been ‘done’, but vaccines are on the way and there is reason to be hopeful that by the end of 2021 it will be a

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No Rest for the Wicked: Match-Fixing in the age of Lockdown

The Covid-19 crisis has led some sports to innovate by holding remote events. But that has also created new opportunities for corruption and match-fixing. Billy Pratt, currently taking our Master’s in Corruption and Governance, looks at match-fixing allegations in a

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As Cricket explores new frontiers, those who run the game must do more to protect it from Corruption

Billy Pratt, who is currently taking the Masters in Corruption & Governance at the Centre for the Study of Corruption, reflects on how the changing nature of broadcasting professional sport affects match-fixing in cricket and the corruption risks posed by

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Cricket and corruption: The strange case of Shakib Al Hasan

It had been a stellar year for Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of the Bangladeshi cricket team, until on 29 October he was banned from cricket for a year for failing to report inappropriate discussions with an alleged bookmaker. CSC

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The way to hell is paved with good intentions: What football’s VAR can learn from an anti-corruption programme in Brazil

“Football is not a matter of life or death” claimed Bill Shankly, an iconic former manager of Liverpool football club, “it’s far more important than that”. Shankly, ever able to come up with a memorable line, was certainly over-egging that

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Cricket, corruption and the challenge of reform

When corruption is mentioned, it is easy to instantly assume lots of things.  Of one those assumptions is likely to be that whatever is happening, it is happening far from the UK’s shores.  What one doesn’t tend to think of

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Strawberries, cream and … courtsiders; tennis and the challenge of tackling corruption

Tennis, in the UK at least, is a sport of strawberries, cream and luscious green lawns. It couldn’t be more middle-England. Elsewhere in the world they may not, Melbourne perhaps to one side, have the lawns, but tennis is still

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Tennis, court-siders and the challenge of dealing with sports betting

Anyone who’s spent any time watching sport on British TV will be more than familiar with the dulcet tones of Ray Winstone.  Sport is, so the actor famous for his hardman persona will tell you, “all about the in-play” as

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The thing about football is that it’s not just about FIFA…

Of late Sepp Blatter and his pals at FIFA have – quite understandably – been the centre of attention for anti-corruption scholars and football fans alike.  Indeed, an indictment from the US Department of Justice earlier this year has thrown

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