Recruiting participants

We are recruiting participants in the South East of England for our first study – please take a look at the advert below and see whether you or someone you know could take part.

Do you have a ‘smart’ device, e.g. Nest, Hive, Phillips Hue, Amazon Echo, or Google Home? Would you be willing to tell us about your experiences as part of a University of Sussex research study (and earn a £10 thank you)?

We are looking for people who have one or more ‘smart’ devices, including smart thermostats, lights or plugs, voice user interfaces, motion sensors or automated security systems in their homes. We are doing research to support the design of tools that will make it easier to get smart home technologies to do what you want, so we particularly want to speak to people who don’t see themselves as technology experts (if you’re the expert in your house, perhaps your partner or housemate would like to take part?)

We would come to interview you in your home. The interview would take around 1 hour and would involve us asking questions about your current use of technology, and possible future requirements. We’d also like you to try out a prototype voice user interface and would ask for your feedback on the experience to help us improve the design.

Two University of Sussex researchers would visit your home to carry out the interview, and we would pay you £10 to thank you for giving up your time.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email

Thank you.

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