Publications and Talks

CONVER-SE Publications

Howland, K. and Jackson, J. (2018) Investigating Conversational Programming for End-Users in Smart Environments through Wizard of Oz Interactions, Psychology of Programming Interest Group – 29th Annual Workshop.

Howland, K. and Jackson, J. (2018) Designing for End-User Programming through Voice: Developing Study Methodology, Workshop on Voice-based Conversational UX Studies and Design, CHI 2018, Montréal, Canada

Selected Related Publications

Good, J., & Howland, K. (2017). Programming language, natural language? Supporting the diverse computational activities of novice programmersJournal of Visual Languages & Computing39, 78-92.

Howland, K., & Good, J. (2015). Learning to communicate computationally with Flip: A bi-modal programming language for game creationComputers & Education80, 224-240.

Invited Talks

Kate Howland, Talking Programming: research on designing voice user interface support for end-user programming in home automation. Beyond Numbers: a celebration of Ada Lovelace, Sussex Humanities Lab – 9th October 2018

Kate Howland, Designing conversational support for end-user programming in smart homes. University of Nottingham Mixed Reality Lab Seminar Series – 5th October 2018

Kate Howland, Natural Language in end-user and novice programming. University of Brighton Computing and Maths Research Seminar  – 13th June 2018

Kate Howland, Programming Tools for Non-Programmers, Nerd Nite Brighton – 19th July 2018