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The crowd is at the centre of social life: national and international events, social change and civic celebration, major incidents and everyday life – all involve experiences with crowds. In the past, social scientists claimed that the crowd was a source of social ills and social dysfunction. In a number of disciplines and topic areas, crowd researchers have moved away from this narrow, unidirectional view. Our research is a series of interlinked studies which seeks to provide a theoretical framing for our multiple experiences of crowd events.

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2 comments on “About John Drury’s Lab Group
  1. and the last bit I did not see – an earlier message to an old colleague now at RUSI on the same vein but about a different module on media in wartime

  2. Hi John Drury

    I have worked with the Ukrainian Diplomatic Academy for four years and urgently need a subject matter expert on crowd psychology – when searching your name came up first. Hence this message.

    I have a brief to provide new content for an online learning module on crowd psychology requested by Ukrainian diplomats, and prompted by the war. I would love to speak to an academic at Sussex who could perhaps be that subject expert. It is not paid work I am afraid – I am doing this pro bono – no fees involved but anyone who helps is going to be supporting Ukraine with their time and expertise if not money so I hope this appeals. Please get back to me asap so we can start talking!

    wartime comms and RUSI seemed to me to be the first port of call… – I would be immensely grateful if you could cast your eye over this brief – and then perhaps let me know (caroline@carolineblack.com) who I should speak to – I think the brief is pretty obvious…..any ideas would be excellent and it would be good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and your family and all the best Caroline

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