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أزمة اليونان المالية وخرافة الذعر

أزمة اليونان المالية وخرافة الذعر   بمجرد الإعلان عن إغلاق البنوك اليونانية غداة تصويت البنك المركزي الأوربي على قرار إنهاء المساعدات المالية التي مكّنت البنوك اليونانية من الاستمرار في العمل على الرغم من إقبال الناس على سحب أموالهم من تلك

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The psychology of bank runs

The announcement today that Greek banks will be closed at least until the referendum on Sunday was apparently prompted by the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to end the financial support that has allowed the banks to function

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Walking as collective behaviour: Developing computer simulations of pedestrians and crowds

We act as and are confronted with pedestrians and crowds everywhere in our daily routine. As Vuchic (1999) says in his book Transportation for Livable Cities: “Every trip begins and ends on foot, even if only to and from a

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