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Integrating learning tools with our learning platform

The more learning management systems (LMS) are used for assessments, the more the stakes in the system grow and the more security becomes a serious issue. Iframes are an html technology that is frequently used to share learning objects within institutional systems such as LMS but they can represent a security issue. At Sussex we are […]

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Moodle usability – interviews from 2010 (#1)

In 2010, Graham MacAllister,  founder of  Player Research, interviewed a number of staff members here at Sussex and videoed them interacting with our old version of Moodle. These videos – and Graham’s subsequent report – were very helpful to us in deciding on the priorities and approaches to adopt in taking forward the work that […]

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Course yearly transition tool

At Sussex we maintain Moodle courses for the students’ programme duration (see this post). This means that each academic year we create new empty Moodle courses for academics to develop. Unsurprising most academic want to copy their courses from the previous year. However the native tools for doing this (import and backup-and-restore) are over complicated. […]

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Making your WYSIWYG content look the same when editing as when published

For any content author there is nothing worse than applying formatting in a WYSIWYG editor, and then finding it all looks different when they publish it. This applies to our tutors in moodle too. Making the WYSIWYG editor content look the same as when its publish is something we did a while back in moodle. […]

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