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Can Farm-to-Table Restaurants Take on The Industrialized Food System?

This entry launches our new “Topics Affecting Our Community” series of thematic blog posts around issues impacting us at Sussex Global. This is the first post for February’s theme: Food and Culture. It is written by Anna Montanari, 3rd year student in International Development and Anthropology.  It is common to walk around, especially for those of us who live in Brighton, and see restaurants that display their choice of quality, tasty and unprocessed food. Their menus feature the local source of ingredients highlighting that

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Fracking democracy, criminalising dissent

This article by Andrea Brock, Dr. Amber Huff, Dr. Judith Verweijen, Professor Jan Selby, Professor David Ockwell, and Professor Peter Newell of the University of Sussex was originally published in ‘The Ecologist’ on 18 October, 2018.  The anti-fracking victory yesterday should not

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Unearthing the Senses in Our Experience of Woodlands

by Karis Jade Petty This blog post originally appeared on the Woodland Trust News and Blog. Have you ever stood in a woodland and closed your eyes, even for a few moments? Could you hear the rummaging of the squirrel,

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Risk, Property, and the Politics of Nature

By Kelly Kay Last year, the School of Global Studies (through the Centre for Global Political Economy), in conjunction with the ESRC STEPS Centre, held a conference on the Financialisation of Nature. The conference produced some exciting and thought-provoking dialogue

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Wildlife or Domestic Animals?

by Amos Ochieng The question of whether or not to protect wildlife or domestic animals remains unanswered for many African countries. In Uganda for example, several attempts have  been made  to  conserve wildlife especially  on private land, around Lake Mburo

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