New Dimensions in International Trade Law

Report on the UK Trade Policy Observatory’s second annual conference (November 2019)

Securing a competitive UK manufacturing industry post Brexit 

A report on the impact of a no-deal Brexit today, and beyond an implementation period (September 2018) EURIS

Analytical studies of Brexit 

Report on the UK Trade Policy Observatory Conference (July 2018)

Deep and Not Comprehensive? What the WTO Rules Permit for a UK–EU FTA

Emily Lydgate and L. Alan Winters, (May 2018) Cambridge University Press

A draft working paper version of this paper is also available (open access).

The UK and developing countries: a deeper look at issues surrounding Trade in Services and Free Trade Agreements

Bernard Hoekman, Jim Rollo, Rorden Wilkinson and L. Alan Winters (November 2017) Department for International Development

Review of evidence base and academic and policy-facing knowledge in areas informing trade and development

Will Brexit Raise the Cost of Living?

by Stephen Clarke, Ilona Serwicka and L. Alan Winters (November 2017) National Institute Economic Review paper

Can Free Trade Agreements Enhance Opportunities for UK Higher Education after Brexit?

(April 2017) Universities UK Report by UKTPO

New Partnership, New Challenges’

Chapter by Professor L. Alan Winters on Trade under the ‘WTO model’ (March 2017) Open Britain

Negotiating the UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Arrangements

Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo, L. Alan Winters,(November 2016) National Institute Economic Review

The impact of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy on development 

(September 2016) Joint ODI-UKTPO paper

Negotiating Britain’s new trade policy

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Prof Alan Winters and Prof Jim Rollo contribute to the VoxEU e-book ‘Brexit Beckons: Thinking ahead by leading economists’ (edited by Richard Baldwin).