The Annual UKTPO Conference provides an interdisciplinary platform where academics, policymakers and stakeholders are welcome. In December 2023, we held the sixth in our series of annual conferences, offering a mixture of in-depth analysis of trade issues as well as discussions around trade policy. We look forward to hosting its 2024 edition, which we will announce soon.


About the UKTPO

 The UKTPO is an interdisciplinary independent expert group of researchers based at the University of Sussex, covering all aspects of trade, aimed at bringing an objective view to trade policy debates and policymaking processes. At the heart of our work there is a commitment to provide independent research and expert analysis on trade policy that benefits the UK, the EU and the world.

The Observatory offers a wide range of expertise and services to help support government departments, national and international organisations and businesses to strategise and develop new trade policies in the post-Brexit era.

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