External Examiner Induction 2016/17

What’s the External Examiner Induction then?

Each year, the University employs around 80 external academics from other institutions. It is the role of these external academics to check that the University’s standards of teaching and assessment are upheld, and the awards given to students are appropriate. You can read more about the role of External Examiners on the ADQE webpages.

In order to ensure that the External Examiners are fully aware of their role, and the rules and processes which guide our exams and assessments, the University provides Induction sessions for all of our External Examiners.

What topics were covered at this Induction?

The Induction session covered all of the most relevant topics for our External Examiners, including:

  • The role of the External Examiner at the University of Sussex
  • Principles governing the regulations (including Exceptional Circumstances, Academic Misconduct and Reasonable Adjustments)
  • Quality assurance of the assessment procedure (Assessment setting, Marking and Moderation, Module assessment Boards)
  • Institutional issues from previous External Examiner reports
  • Question and Answer session

Attendees at the 16/17 Induction

There were 42 staff in attendance at the event, including staff from 24 external institutions.

Aside from colleagues from Sussex, there were external examiners from the University of Oxford, University College London, University of Warwick, and the University of Exeter.

Our furthest travelled examiners came all the way from the University of Sheffield – our thanks go out to all who braved travelling down to the South coast for this event.

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Quotes from attendees

The event was warmly received by those in attendance, as shown in the following quotes:

An External Examiner said:

Thank you for the induction! It was very informative.

Another External Examiner reported:

Excellent room, lovely food and a great opportunity to meet other External Examiners and University staff.

A member of staff from the ADQE Office fed back:

I found the event really helpful – was great to understand the External Examiner role better and the processes involved!

Next steps

External Examiners are now working with Schools in their assessments for the year. Briefing sessions will be held prior to the exam boards in the Summer in preparation for making finalist undergraduate awards as well as confirming the progress of undergraduate students.

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