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Winners and judges of the 2017 Business Challenge

Winners and judges of the 2017 Business Challenge

By Freya Strowger and Kayley Johnson, members of the winning team, Business Challenge 2017

“Upon entering the Business Challenge I was keen to develop my business acumen, hoping it would translate to my Business Management degree. The evening was well structured as we were allocated times to solve different stages of the overall problem.

“Following this, all the participating groups did presentations to the panel of judges whom were all active within local businesses. Not only did I learn to think quickly on my feet but I also improved my public speaking skills through having to answer questions posed to the group from the judges on our business proposal.”

Freya Strowger, Business and Management Studies BSc

“My motivation behind my participation of the Business Challenge was to gain invaluable experience whilst building upon a range of skills, such as: presenting, working in a team and time keeping.

“My experience of the night was very enjoyable due to how we were working in a unique and dynamic environment, my teammates and I were very overwhelmed when we received first prize! Overall, I think that I have gained this invaluable experience and I look forward to any future events.”

Kayley Johnson, Business and Management Studies BSc

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