An insight into Enactus Society’s Project 36 team

The Project 36 team with locals in Tanahun, Nepal. Chris Youngman - far right.

The Project 36 team with locals in Tanahun, Nepal. Chris Youngman – far right.

By Chris Youngman

The project

Project 36 is an international community project based in Nepal, run by the students of the University of Sussex.

This project is being undertaken to locally tackle the global issue of Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA). This problem is especially widespread in developing countries such as Nepal; where due to poor health systems, issues such as IDA are magnified.

Therefore, taking any action to alleviate this cause would be highly beneficial to such communities and economies. The idea for this project was established from a striking fact that 36% of women and 48% of children suffer from IDA in Nepal. Hence, the name “Project 36”, as we are focusing on women and children.

Taking action

In January of 2018, we took action to implement the first step of our project and carried our ‘Needs and Wants’ assessment. A group of 6 students went to Paimey; a rural village in Tanahun, Nepal.

The aim of this expedition was to acquaint and build relationships with our beneficiaries and project partners for our social enterprise. Additionally, we wanted to raise awareness of the prevalent issue of IDA along with other problems that they face.

We spent ten days in this village experiencing the lifestyle, culture and customs of the locals. We were very kindly housed and fed by the chairwoman of the local women’s council who was able to initiate many conversations around the area.

We conducted 6 workshops in 2 different schools, carried out 50 surveys of the community and supported a local paramedic in conducting 25 blood tests to identify haemoglobin levels. Most importantly, we built concrete partnership with the local government, women’s institute and schools in Paimey.

Read the Project 36 blog

The future

The future of the Project 36 is looking promising. We welcome and encourage any enthusiastic students from the Business Schoolwho are interested in the project to come join us.

Email for more information on how to join the project.

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