Student internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur: Blog 2 – Behind the scenes

By Shiyi Cheng, BSc International Business

We’ve been at TIME dotcom for three days and I’ve already acquired lots of new knowledge during this time.  All the people we’ve met are charming and have really inspired us.

Ben, from TIME’s development department, gave us a really practical session about presentation skills.  He is energetic, passionate and motivated. All of us got many useful tips about presenting.

We then had two sessions by TIME staff Alvin and Kit, about their product awareness programme and customer services.  Alvin clearly summarized and introduced their products to us; even students who are not taking computer science can also understand it.  Then Kit gave us a brief look at the work of the customer services department and shared his own career experience.

The most exciting thing was our visit to their Aims Data Centre which we really appreciated. The Data Centre is guarded by Malaysian police, not only because it is core part of their company but also because Google and Facebook host their server there too.

Student interns at the Data Centre.

After tour of the Data Centre, we met Afzal Rahim (Engineering 1997), who is an entrepreneur and a Sussex graduate.  We had a relaxed chat and Afzal talked about his own experience, the telecoms industry, even the history and politics of Asia. His wisdom and sense of humour impressed us a lot.

Apart from that, all of us are really enjoy life in Kuala Lumpur (KL). It is sunny every day and waking up with sunshine is fascinating. KL is a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-religious city with many people. English and Chinese are two of their main languages so it is easy for us to communicate. We’ve tried different kinds of Asian foods and they were really delicious. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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