Student Internship at TIME, Kuala Lumpur: Blog 4 – Project work begins

By Elia Gollini (BSc International Business with German)

Batu Caves and Botanical Gardens

On Sunday 23 June (our first free day since we got to Malaysia), we all woke up at around 10.30 am as we were still extremely tired from the previous day visits. All 14 of us decided to head to the Batu Caves, which are a series of caves and caves temples located in the northern outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. We really enjoyed the majesty of the Murugan statue at the entrance, which is followed by colourful steps that took us to the caves.

Subsequently, the group split and a few of us decided to head towards central Kuala Lumpur to visit the botanical gardens, as the weather suddenly became sunnier. After a long walk in the immense garden, we travelled to the KL Tower. From its observation deck, which stands at 276 metres, we could see the whole city. We enjoyed the sunset and took many pictures before returning to our accommodation.

Internship week 2: Project work begins

On Monday 24 June, our work became more intense. Up until now we have been learning from various members of different departments how TIME works, what they do and how teams deal with challenges. From this week our work will be more specific as we start to work on some real-life cases, guided by experienced TIME employees. Today we met with Jimmy, the Head of Coverage at TIME, who is regarded as ‘the money man’. One of his duties is to planning, design and implementation of TIME’s existing network of cables. This part of the business is extremely crucial. Jimmy briefly explained to us how TIME’s cabling works and then defined our tasks.

Expanding TIME’s cable networks

We were divided into groups and our main task was to analyse possible future expansions of the existing network into areas not yet serviced by TIME’s cables. My team was given a particular network area. We had to gather as much information as possible about the buildings in our assigned area. It was not always easy, due to missing information, so we had to research and ‘dig deeper’ to plug the information gaps. Eventually we put together a list of possible buildings where TIME could possibly expand its coverage and presented this to Jimmy. What excites me is that in the following days we will continue working on these projects. More importantly, some of our projects may be selected for presentation to the TIME management team for approval to turn into business reality!

Our learning so far is enormous. As an International Business student, I particularly enjoyed the planning part of the project. We analysed the profitability of these buildings, and recommended action only overall outcome of the project seems to be beneficial and relevant to TIME.

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