Corruption; a world tour

Last week, Transparency International published its annual Corruption Perceptions Index. In three articles published in newspapers and magazines around the world, Dan Hough, Professor of Politics, looks at what the CPI can – and can’t – tell us about corruption in the UK, US and China.

United Kingdom
In the New Statesman, Professor Hough says ‘We need to talk about corruption in the UK – many people have lost interest precisely at the moment when all the evidence says we need have our eyes wide open.’ Read his article here.

United States
Writing in the Washington Post, Professor Hough notes: ‘In 2019, the U.S. ranked as more corrupt on this international index. That happened last year, too. It’s tough to measure corruption, but Transparency International’s annual scorecard gives trends to watch.’ Read his article here.

Professor Hough asks in the South China Morning Post ‘Is China still on an anti-corruption road to nowhere, despite Xi Jinping’s campaign?’ Read his article here.

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