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What lessons can be learnt from Ireland’s lobbying regulation?

Megan Roe who is currently taking the Masters in Corruption & Governance at the Centre for the Study of Corruption, looks at what lessons the UK might learn from Ireland about the regulation of lobbying – an issue with particular

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Bribery, black markets and the Covid-19 crisis

Professor Robert Barrington takes a look at the role of bribery in black markets, what might be heading for the UK in the coming months – and which part of the government is in charge of the response. He concludes

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Britain, Saudi Arabia and corporate bribery: another Brexit conundrum

Anti-corruption NGOs have recently written to the Attorney General, concerned that the UK government may be tempted to drop its investigation into alleged bribery by Airbus subsidiary GPT in Saudi Arabia. Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre

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