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Six zombie ideas in crowd psychology

What are zombie ideas? These are ideas that keep coming back, even though they have been thoroughly refuted by the evidence. They should be dead, but they won’t stay dead! They keep coming back because they serve certain interests or

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How can online support groups help people with Long Covid?

By Freya Mills, PhD Student, Emergency Preparedness and Response HPRU, University of Sussex & UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) The UK has recently finished their first round of public evidence hearing for the COVID-19 inquiry. The inquiry aims to identify

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Solidarity in the aftermath of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake

Selin Tekin and Nihan Albayrak-Aydemir The city of Kahramanmaras in Turkey was hit with 7.7. and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes on 6 February, which majorly affected more than 10 cities in southeast Turkey and northwest Syria. As of now, it was

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Could a shared sense of ‘us-ness’ have helped during the response to the Manchester Arena Attack?

How group psychology can help improve interoperability By Louise Davidson According to Part Two of the public inquiry into the Manchester Arena Attack, one of the key problems with the response on the night was that the three emergency services

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Letter from Santiago: Disaster central

I am currently in Santiago, Chile, meeting with colleagues at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile to discuss disaster research. Chile is an obvious place for such research, since it regularly suffers from a variety of natural disasters. In the

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