Mission statement

The MAH blog

  • promotes case studies of teaching, learning and scholarship, providing a space for staff to share their practice and situate it within the academic literature and professional standards.
  • includes case studies that have been informed by existing research and scholarship as well as those that may be experimental or responsive to classroom experience where engagement with scholarship has grown out of the reflective practice the blog seeks to encourage.
  • aims to support staff in recognising how their practice maps onto the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), which not only reinforces the professionalism of our teaching, learning and scholarship work, but helps colleagues to identify/evidence how they meet criteria for Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • functions as a place to celebrate great practice in our School, and offers an opportunity to publish examples of scholarly teaching, or scholarship of teaching and learning, and/or serve as a space for reflecting on work-in-progress which you might want to develop further for national or international dissemination.

Why write for the MAH blog?

The MAH blog offers an opportunity to share your scholarship with colleagues and demonstrate influence within the School.

Benefits of academic blogging include:

  • the more informal nature of a blog post means you can use a more creative approach than you typically would when writing an academic article
  • blogs represent a way to find an audience for your work, and allow for an easy crossing of disciplinary and/or social borders
  • blog posts offer an opportunity to:
  1. make your scholarship more shareable
  2. test an idea, concept or style of presentation
  3. hone your writing skills by distilling a paper or thought process into a brief, readable post
  4. discuss your teaching practice with colleagues

Style Guide

Please download our style guide and use this to structure your contribtion.