Department for International Trade open consultation on the UK Global Tariff

Written Response – Professor Michael Gasiorek, Julia Magntorn Garrett, Nicolo Tamberi and Professor L. Alan Winters (5 March 2020)

Good Law Project: Proceedings in Scotland to establish that the proposed Withdrawal Agreement is unlawful

Written Evidence – Professor L. Alan Winters (14 November 2019)

EU Internal Market Sub-Committee: Discontinuing seasonal changes of time inquiry

Written Evidence – Dr Mattia Di Ubaldo (12 September 2019)

International Trade Committee: UK trade in services inquiry

Oral Evidence – Dr Kamala Dawar (26 June 2019)

Exiting the European Union Committee: The progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal inquiry

Oral Evidence – Dr Emily Lydgate (15 May 2019)

International Trade Committee: UK trade in services inquiry 

Written Evidence -Ingo Borchert, Peter Holmes, Prof. Jim Rollo and Prof. L. Alan Winters (13 February 2019)

Welsh Affairs Committee. Brexit, trade and customs: implications for Wales inquiry

Oral Evidence – L. Alan Winters (5 February 2019)

International Trade Committee: UK investment policy inquiry

Oral Evidence – Ilona Serwicka (23 January 2019)

Response to the Department for International Trade Consultation on Trade with the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Trade with Australia and New Zealand (25 October 2018)

Response to the Department for International Trade Consultation on UK Trade with the United States (25 October 2018)

House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-committee. Brexit: customs arrangements inquiry

Written Evidence – Dr Peter Holmes (24 May 2018)

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee. Brexit: plant and animal biosecurity inquiry

Oral Evidence – Dr Emily Lydgate (25 April 2018)

Written Evidence – Dr Emily Lydgate and Dr Rob Amos (9 May 2018)

International Trade Committee. The economic effects of trade policy inquiry

Oral Evidence – Prof Alasdair Smith (24 April 2018)

Written Evidence – Prof Alasdair Smith (23 May 2018)

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee. Brexit: food security inquiry

Written evidence – Dr Ilona Serwicka (14 March 2018)

Trade Bill 2017 – 19

Written evidence – Prof L. Alan Winters (25th January 2018)

Written evidence – Dr Kamala Dawar (24th January 2018)

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. Leaving the EU: Implications for UK Business

Oral evidence – Emily Lydgate (Published 31 January 2018)

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. Inquiry into Brexit and the implications for UK business

Response to Aerospace inquiry – UKTPO (BRS0005, 15 November 2017)

Response to Automotive inquiry – UKTPO (BRA0015, 7 November 2017)

Response to UK Government’s Trade White Paper and Customs Bill (6 November 2017)

House of Lords EU Select Committee. Inquiry into Brexit: deal or no deal

Written evidence – UKTPO (DND0033, 02 November 2017)

Exiting the European Union Committee. The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill inquiry

Oral evidence – Dr Kamala Dawar (17 October 2017)

Trade Sub-Committee of the Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. Inquiry into ‘Australia’s trade and investment relationship with the United Kingdom’

Written evidence – UKTPO (no. 48, March 2017)

House of Commons Exiting the European Union Committee. Inquiry on the UK’s negotiating objectives for its withdrawal from the EU

Oral evidence – Prof Jim Rollo (21 February 2017) and Written evidence – UKTPO (21 February 2017)

Treasury Committee. Inquiry into UK’s future economic relationship with the EU inquiry

Written evidence – UKTPO (22 February 2017)

Written evidence – UKTPO (17 December 2017)

House of Commons International Trade Committee. Inquiry into the UK’s trade options beyond 2019

Oral evidence – Prof L. Alan Winters (10 Jan 2017) and  Written evidence – UKTPO (17 January 2017)

House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee. Inquiry into Brexit: future trade between the UK and the EU

Oral Evidence – Dr Peter Holmes (15 Sept 2016) and Written Evidence – Dr Peter Holmes (published 25 Oct 2016)