Get Ready: Advice to new Business School students – Part 2

We know that the start of the academic year will be different this Autumn from previous years. As a new cohort of students get ready to join the Business School some of our current students who are returning in September share their advice.

Esen Savk (BSc Economics)

There are a lot of great resources for you to use from academics to social events so make to most of it. Attend academic talks, apply to the Student Rep/Mentor/Ambassador scheme to meet others from the Business School and build connections, and make sure you check your emails for opportunities coming your way regarding internships, year abroad, and social activities.

Ashwinth Bhavani Sankar (BSc Accounting and Finance)

Talk and make friends with as many people as you can. The people here in Brighton are very friendly, and having a good network of friends will surely ease any home-sickness. Study as much as you can on a regular basis, so that you don’t cram your workload a day before your assignment, to avoid getting bad grades. 

Hennia Chowdhury (BSc Economics)

Definitely come in with an open mind and attend career fairs, networking events provided by the business school to get an insight into different careers available in your first year. Also apply for work experience and insight days that are exclusive to first years and overall make the most of opportunities since in the later years you will have less free time.

Nicole Waobikeze (BSc International Business with Spanish)

Make the most of every opportunity you come by. The School offers a number of educational events and schemes that are highly beneficial to your development as a business student. These focus on exposing you to networking opportunities, which enable you to build your business contacts that are essential for your future. Other schemes develop your skills or talking with guest speakers who may be able to advise you on how to build your portfolio to be the ideal business candidate.

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