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What do the people really want? Honest, law-abiding, transparent politicians

In the context of allegations of wrongdoing currently threatening Boris Johnson’s premiership, Rebecca Dobson Phillips looks at The Constitution Unit’s newly released survey data on What Kind of Democracy Do People Want? and reflects on some of the insights it

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Some thoughts about ethics in public administration

 By Thomas Scapin, Researcher at the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon, France In this brief blog post, I would like to share some thoughts[1] about ethics or integrity[2] in public administration. My presentation will fall into two parts. On

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Three causal narratives about regulation and corruption

By Claire A. Dunlop, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at University of Exeter, UK and Claudio M. Radaelli, Professor of Public Policy at University College London, UK What is the exact causal relationship between corruption in the public sector and regulation? Hundreds

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From moral-philosophical fiction to real political scenario’s: why a particularistic focus on integrity should replace universal views on (anti) corruption. 

By Dr Toon Kerkhoff, Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Leiden University, The Netherlands The current failure of anti-corruption Anti-corruption research and policy since the 1980s have mainly departed from a rather universalist approach, which holds that there is a

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