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With a Masters in Corruption and Governance, what are my employment prospects?

Professor Robert Barrington, a faculty member at the Centre for the Study of Corruption who teaches both the campus-based and online Masters in Corruption & Governance, reflects on the employment prospects for those who follow this course.  The course brochure

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Why are there so few domestic cases of corruption in the UK?

Domestic corruption in the UK is increasingly at the forefront of national discussion yet simultaneously, investigation and criminal prosecution of corruption cases seems scant. In his forthcoming working paper, Former New Scotland Yard Detective Superintendent Tristram Hicks examines the UK’s

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Call for Papers: Data Analytics for Anticorruption in Public Administration

The CSC is cooperating with the World Bank and other academic and development partners to solicit ideas for using data analytics as an anti-corruption tool in public administration. In this post, CSC Director Liz David-Barrett explains how such tools might

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Let’s make sure corruption does not de-rail the vaccine rollout!

At every turn, and all around the world, the covid-19 crisis has created new corruption risks. As we enter a new phase of vaccine roll-out, CSC Director Liz Dávid-Barrett looks at how corrupt and criminal actors are likely to exploit

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Happy New Anticorruption Year! Five reasons to be cheerful about Anti-Corruption

Fighting corruption is a tough gig. It requires fighting on many fronts simultaneously, against opponents who often don’t play fair, and it takes a long time. But, on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, CSC Director Liz David-Barrett argues that

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A post-Nolan future for Brexit Britain: our letter to the Financial Times

Three Professors at the Centre for the Study of Corruption have collaborated with a group of eighteen professors of governance, corruption and public integrity from across the UK, to publish a letter in the Financial Times.  CSC Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice

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The Centre for the Study of Corruption: Oct 2020 News

It has been a busy summer for the CSC. In this post CSC Director Liz David-Barrett provides a brief round-up of our key activities over the last few months and a few things to look out for this term. Research.

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FinCEN money laundering files raise questions for UK

With the publication of the latest set of leaked papers revealing global money laundering on a grand scale, known as the FinCEN Files, Professor Robert Barrington of the Centre for the Study of Corruption looks at some of the implications

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What does the UK’s ‘algoshambles’ tell us about corruption?

Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre for the Study of Corruption (CSC), looks at the implications of the UK’s application of an algorithm to final-year exam results at schools – and detects some of the primary ingredients

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No Filter: Children, Social Media and Revealing Questionable Wealth

Corrupt elites usually invest a lot of resources in hiding their illicit funds, but that clashes with their tendency – or that of their relatives – to brag on social and regular media about their riches. Joseph Sinclair and Umedjon

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