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The governance of the UK’s response to corruption: who is in charge?

Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre for the Study of Corruption, summarises two new papers in the CSC Discussion Paper series that address the question of how, and how well, the UK approaches the governance of its anti-corruption response.

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CORRUPTION: When the Cheese Moved

John Githongo, CEO of Inuka Kenya and a prominent figure in the global anti-corruption movement, explains how the nature and definition of corruption have changed over the past two decades.  He examines the intersection between complex financial transactions, professional enablers

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Should I do a Masters in Corruption?

Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the University of Sussex’s Centre for the Study of Corruption (CSC), looks at the arguments for and against doing a Masters degree in Corruption at this unusual time of a global pandemic and

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The struggle against corruption in public life in modern Britain

Historian Ian Cawood, Associate Professor in British Political & Religious History at the University of Stirling, explores the findings of a conference funded by the British Academy which looked at why the quality of governance in the UK seemed to

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The Bribery Act 2010: Wider Impacts?

Joseph Sinclair, a lawyer currently enrolled on the Masters in Corruption & Governance, evaluates the success of the Bribery Act on its tenth anniversary by looking at the issues of corporate culture and international impact. The UK Bribery Act (UKBA)

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Standards in Public Life in the UK: A 2020 vision

It’s 25 years since the UK set up its Committee on Standards in Public Life. As author of the ‘Nolan principles’, the Committee has inspired other countries around the world to introduce codes of conduct for public officials and politicians,

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Dos Santos files: what’s new?

Robert Barrington, Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre for the Study of Corruption, asks whether the Luanda Leaks are just another leak – or tell us something more about the world of global corruption. In the age of the

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UK and the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI); Good, but could do (much) better

Transparency International’s (TI) annual Corruption Perceptions Index was published on 23 January. The UK comes out pretty well. But, as the CSC’s Dan Hough notes, there’s no grounds for complacency. Every year in January Transparency International (TI) gets the world

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Are UK aid-funded enforcement efforts to end the UK’s role in corruption working?

The UK is unique in using overseas aid money to fund its own enforcement authorities to help fight corruption in which the UK plays a role. Sue Hawley, Director of Spotlight on Corruption, an NGO that holds the UK to

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Montenegro: Captured by Corruption

In the first of a series of posts by investigative journalists and civil society activists working on exposing corruption in the Balkans, Milka Tadić Mijović (President, Centre for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro) discusses impunity in Montenegro and the complicity of the

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