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Corruption in Public Procurement: What happens after the contract is awarded?

A lot of research about corruption in public procurement builds on the availability of data about the contracting process. But what happens after the contract is awarded? Irasema Guzmán, one of the Centre’s PhD researchers, argues that corruption in this

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Can big banks be trusted with the fight against economic crime? The UK government seems to think so…

Sue Hawley, policy director of NGO Corruption Watch, examines the government’s approach to tackling economic crime and argues that its reliance on ‘public-private partnerships’ as regulators raises serious conflicts of interest and the threat of regulatory capture When UK Prime

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Mission creep and a credibility crisis: Is the Financial Action Task Force still fit for purpose?

This year, the Financial Action Task Force – the global standard setter in the fight against financial crime – will celebrate its 30th birthday.  Given the constant stream of headlines revealing egregious cases of money laundering around the world, Tom

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Strengthening the rule of law in the Western Balkans: Why should the EU care?

One of the main conditions set by the EU for aspiring members in the Western Balkans is to strengthen the rule of law, but the success of these efforts has so far been relatively limited. Drawing on a new study, Tena

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Whitewashing the UK: The Financial Action Task Force’s evaluation of the UK puts its credibility at stake

When FATF released its evaluation of the UK’s anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing regime in December 2018, giving it almost full marks, civil society organisations were dismayed. Sue Hawley explains why.

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First set of students graduate on University of Sussex’s LLM in Corruption, Law and Governance in Doha, Qatar

Prof Dan Hough proudly reports on the first set of students to graduate from the University of Sussex’s LLM in Corruption, Law and Governance in Doha, Qatar The University of Sussex is based in the tranquil settings of the South

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Three causal narratives about regulation and corruption

By Claire A. Dunlop, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at University of Exeter, UK and Claudio M. Radaelli, Professor of Public Policy at University College London, UK What is the exact causal relationship between corruption in the public sector and regulation? Hundreds

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Building Integrity through Nonviolence Practice

By Dr Roberto Baldoli, Fellow of the Center for European Governance, University of Exeter  and Claudio M. Radaelli, Professor of Public Policy, University College London Fighting corruption through monetary incentives and sanctions has shown many limitations. Given certain conditions, this approach

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Corruption Hunters! SCSC alumni team up to recover and return illicit assets in Nigeria

Former Sussex students, Jonathan Benton and David Ugolor, are now actively taking the anti-corruption fight forward in Nigeria. They explain more about their work here. We’re into the third year of President Buhari’s term in office, elections loom. For those

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Ghana workshop: Analysing red flags in procurement data

What do you get if you cross anti-corruption activists with mathematicians? It’s no joke. This was exactly what we did in Cape Coast, Ghana, recently, bringing these two groups together to analyse procurement data for evidence of corruption ‘red flags’

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