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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Improving Moodle import. Part 2: testing

The e-learning team has a long term goal of building our testing framework at the same time as writing the specification of a project – something like a test-driven development environment . As a result of being a small team and the way in which some of our projects grow organically this isn’t always possible. The […]

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Better user experience; better learning experience?

In order for students to have great learning experiences, we believe that students, and the people who teach and support them, need to have great user experiences. That’s been at the heart of the work that we’ve been doing since 2010. John and I are in Manchester at ALT-C 2012, where we’ve presented a paper […]

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Moodle usability – interviews from 2010 (#1)

In 2010, Graham MacAllister,  founder of  Player Research, interviewed a number of staff members here at Sussex and videoed them interacting with our old version of Moodle. These videos – and Graham’s subsequent report – were very helpful to us in deciding on the priorities and approaches to adopt in taking forward the work that […]

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