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Improving Moodle import. Part 3: The application

We have developed a new import tool for importing materials from one course to another. The advantages over the Moodle import are: it is easy to use it is reliable it is fast it only imports questions used in the quiz while maintaining question category structures that are used it shares many similarities with our […]

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Improving Moodle import. Part 2: testing

The e-learning team has a long term goal of building our testing framework at the same time as writing the specification of a project – something likeĀ a test-driven development environment . As a result of being a small team and the way in which some of our projects grow organically this isn’t always possible. The […]

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Improving Moodle import. Part 1: the database schema

The Moodle import feature copies resources and activities (mods) from one to course to another. Unfortunately we found the import process rather unintuitive (although better in 2.3), and we wanted to improve its speed, reliability and ease of use. We found that the Moodle import is based on the Moodle backup feature. Moodle backups create […]

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